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The best WordPress SEO plugins to increase website ranking in Google

The best WordPress SEO plugins to increase website ranking in Google

If you are launching a WordPress site, one of the plugins that you should activate after installing WordPress is the WordPress SEO plugin so that you can optimize your site for search engine rankings; If you have the best site but you are not in search engines like Google; It looks like you did nothing.

WordPress SEO plugins
WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress SEO plugins are numerous and each has its own advantages and limitations in terms of features and performance. Although all of these plugins are built to optimize your site based on the latest Google ranking factors, reviewing them all and choosing the best one is very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, 5 of the best and most popular WordPress SEO plugins have been introduced and evaluated in this article so that you can increase your site’s ranking in Google by choosing one of them.


1 – Yoast SEO WordPress SEO Plugin (Free)

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPres
Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO plugin has been installed 4.5 million times so far and out of thousands of articles and comments written in the review of this plugin, its average popularity rating is 4.7.

Most professional webmasters for internal SEO of websites and WordPress pages go straight to the Yoast plugin.

With the ability to edit the title and meta description of the page, provide a list of strengths and weaknesses of the site SEO and many other popular features, the Yoast SEO plugin has become the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Key features of Yoast SEO plugin

  • Help generate better content: With a quick preview feature, you can see how your post or tab appears in search results.
  • Tab Analysis: This feature of the Yoast SEO plugin provides you with a report on the SEO status of a post or tab with important points, such as the length of the post, the presence of meta descriptions, and the status of your focused keyword, and….
  • Links and page meta: With this feature, you can specify which pages are displayed on Google and which pages are not.
  • XML sitemap: Yoast SEO plugin automatically generates XML sitemaps and submits them to Google and Bing.
  • Integration with social networks: Yoast SEO plugin is equipped with the ability to Facebook OpenGraph build your site so you can connect social networks to SEO.
  • Multi-site compatibility: Unlike many WordPress SEO plugins, it has the ability to link multiple sites to this plugin.
  • Breadcrumbs feature: With this feature, you can easily create site navigation for search engines and users.

Yoast strengths Points

  • There are various features in one plugin
  • Simplicity, speed, and ease of use
  • The best SEO capabilities

Yoast Limitations

  • There are a significant number of security threats
  • If all its features are enabled at the same time, it may slow down the site

Yoast Key Factors

  • Keyword
  • Content
  • Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards
  • Redirect (redirect site)
  • XML sitemap


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2 – WordPress SEO Plugin All in One SEO Plugin Pack (Free)

All in One SEO Plugin Pack (Free)
All in One SEO Plugin Pack (Free)

All in One SEO Plugin Pack has been installed more than 3 million times so far and we use the same plugin for our SEO in webmasters.

The All in One SEO plugin has a rating of 4.55 out of 5 and is undoubtedly one of the 3 most popular SEO plugins for WordPress users.

It is very easy for beginners to work with the All-in-One SEO Plugin Pack, but it also has advanced and useful features for developers.

Key Features of All in One SEO Plugin Pack

  • Bad Bot Blocker: Avoid harmful robots that slow down the site.
  • File Editor: You can manually edit robots.txt and .htaccess files.
  • Import / Export: Site settings can be imported from or exported to other sites.
  • Robots.txt: Gives you more control over how search engine spiders navigate your site.
  • Social Media Integration: Adds an Open Graph to your site so you can integrate more of your website or blog with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Video Sitemap: (Only in paid versions): This allows you to create an XML video sitemap and submit it to Google and other search engines.

All in One SEO strengths Point:

  • Free and upgradeable to advanced versions

Weak Point:

  • Scrolls too
  • For beginners, it may not be very user friendly


3 – WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Ultimate (Free)

WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Ultimate (Free)
WordPress SEO Plugin SEO Ultimate (Free)

If you are looking for a fully flexible and adaptable plugin, SEO Ultimate is your best bet. Data can be imported to or exported from any source, even from another SEO plugin!

Key Features of SEO Ultimate Plugin

  • Deeplink Juggernaut: Use this feature to define your keywords so that SEO Ultimate will automatically generate internal links to your site.
  • Code Inserter: With this feature, you can add code in the site header and footer, as well as before and after your content.
  • File editor: It is possible to edit .txt files directly in the WordPress dashboard itself with this feature.
  • 404 monitor: 404 Website errors can be monitored with this feature.
  • Rich snippets: This feature brings more traffic to your site and users can easily find your site.
  • Social Network Optimization: The SEO Ultimate plugin automatically generates an Open Graph of your posts and tabs.
  • Title tag rewriter: This feature can be used to edit tab title tags, posts, and categories.
  • Author Highlighter: With this feature, your website authors can be easily seen in search engine results.


4 – SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin

SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin
SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin

In recent years, Google has used a significant number of new algorithms, including “Google Panda”, “Google Penguin”, and over-optimization algorithms. Unlike many WordPress SEO plugins that still use older technologies, the SEOPressor plugin is completely in line with the trend of Google’s new algorithms.

Key Features of SEOPressor Plugin

Keyword SEO score: With this feature, you can monitor the SEO score of your keywords.

Over-optimization check: Sometimes people are fined by Google for the overuse of SEO techniques. SEOPressor helps you monitor this issue.

LSI keywords: SEOPressor calculates the semantic quality of your website and does so with its own proprietary formula called SemantiQTM. This feature of the SEOPressor plugin guides you to amplify your text signals according to how search engines interpret them.

Automatic smart linking: With this feature, you can add links and keywords automatically to increase the average time spent visiting your site and reduce the bounce rate of your site.

Dynamic crawler control: With SEOPressor you are in complete control of how search engine crawlers navigate your website.

Strengths Points:

  • SEOPressor is a complete SEO plugin and it pays off.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it for any reason.
  • Gives you a basic understanding of SEO.


  • Beginners may need time to get fully acquainted
  • Poor customer service
  • Instead of bringing you more traffic, it may do the opposite and have a negative impact.

Key SEO Ranking Factors in SEOPressor Plugin

  • Keyword
  • Content
  • Social network SEO
  • Pictures
  • Tags


5 – WordPress SEO Plugin Premium WordPress SEO Pack

WordPress SEO Plugin Premium WordPress SEO Pack
WordPress SEO Plugin Premium WordPress SEO Pack

Premium WordPress SEO Pack is a well-known WordPress SEO plugin that, as its name suggests, provides you with a complete pack of excellent SEO features such as social sharing, image optimization, SERP tracking.

This complete and first-class plugin gives you everything you need to optimize your site.

Key Features of Premium WordPress SEO Pack

Backlink Builder: With this feature, you can easily add your site link to various web directories.

W3C validator: This enables you to check the markup of your posts, tags, and categories.

Page speed insights: With this feature, you can monitor the speed of opening the pages and posts of your site in desktop or mobile mode.

Monitor 404: With this feature, you can monitor URLs that refer your site visitors to a 404 error.

SEO-friendly images: This feature automatically updates all your images with ALT and Title Attributes.

Facebook Planner: You can use this feature to publish your posts on Facebook.

Strengths Points:

  • Have a video sitemap
  • Ability to edit in bulk (Bulk editor) for mass optimization (mass optimization)
  • Having a search engine reporter

Weak points:

  • No RSS settings
  • Link builders are not on the same page next to the usual SEO features

Key SEO Ranking Factors in the Premium SEO Pack Plugin

  • Page speed
  • 404 Error Monitoring
  • Social network SEO
  • Sitemap
  • Title and meta settings


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In this article, we tried to introduce the best SEO plugin; Please, if you have worked with a plugin that you are satisfied with and it has left a good experience for you; leave it in the comments section below.

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