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What is a Backlink? Everything about backlinks

What is a backlink? Everything about backlinks

For some bots and search engines like Google, one of the factors that consider the position of the website on the results page is the number of backlinks to the site. Of course, this does not mean that the more backlinks a site have, the higher the website will be in search engines… so join me in this article to explain everything about backlinks to fully understand What is a backlink ?!


What is a backlink ?!

Backlinks are generally outbound links from one page to another.

What is a backlink
What is a backlink

Whenever a site or blog puts a link to your site on its page, that link to your site is called a backlink.

Backlinks are the backbone and credibility of a site in search engine results. One of the criteria for valuing a site from the point of view of search engines is the number of quality backlinks of that site. The higher the competition, the more visible the value of backlinks.

If a website has good and powerful backlinks, in addition to improving the linked keywords (Anchor Text), it also increases the value of the domain and the page, or da and pa.

After a long time of definitions like backlinks and other things in SEO, we have not paid much attention to their exact meaning and sometimes we have confused them with other things. One of these concepts is backlinks, the definition of which is currently slightly different from that of webmasters and perhaps some SEO consultants.


Wikipedia editors also say that:

A backlink is an outbound link from one page to another. The more backlinks to your site, the more popular your site will be.


Although many backlinks show the popularity of your site, it does not mean that they have a positive impact on your site!

In other words, backlinks are the links that another site gives to your site or you get specific strategies that you have. Now, these backlinks can be from related and unrelated sites! Either has a positive impact on your site or even a negative impact on its ranking.


Good and bad backlinks

What backlinks are useful?

Backlinks that are naturally created by the author/site administrator to your site with text and phrases related to your site are called good backlinks.

  • These backlinks should not come from spam sites,
  • The number of outbound links for that site should not be too large,
  • Should not come from a site with very low credibility that looks like spam,
  • The linking site should not be too foreign to your site in terms of thematic relevance what backlinks are harmful?

Could a link be harmful? Yes. Many spam sites are created daily and by receiving and creating abnormal links and spam, they reach the top results of Google and then they are penalized and join the Google blacklist! Harmful backlinks are those from unrelated sites, have a large number of outbound links, are from sites with IPs that are known to be spam, have repeated your anchor text a lot, and do not produce content themselves.


The characteristics of a bad link include the following:

Linking important keyword of the site:

For example, if the site is about a game, there is a link to the word game everywhere, this link is considered abnormal and bad because users usually do not do so.

And other factors, the most important of which were mentioned.

Linking the site to all pages of the site:

This is one of the things that causes backlinks to become bad backlinks because less site administrator is willing to put someone’s link on all pages of his site unless he has copied all the content from the same site and Mentioned as a source or received the money.

Linking your site to a site unrelated to the site topic:

Users usually put links on their site that are related to the topic of their site, if the topic of your site is in the field of medicine and you link to music on that site, it is natural that backlinks are bad.

Linking the site to copycat and low-quality sites:

Just as low-quality sites themselves are not very high quality, the links that are sent to your site are poor quality and if those sites are spam, it can even damage your site ranking in certain circumstances.

Linking the site secretly:

They put links for users to see and use, but when the link is hidden and not visible, for example, if your link is in a hidden spot, backlinks are abnormal. (It is also better than the color of the link is different from the color of the text!)

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What are the Nofollow and Dofollow links?

Nofollow and Dofollow links
Nofollow and Dofollow links

Nofollow link

This type of link works exactly the opposite of the above type. Links that are defined as nofollow are mostly advertising and search engines do not follow the destination of the link when they reach nofollow on the site.

These types of links can also be defined as follows:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> nofollow link </a>


Dofollow or follow the link

If the link is defined as follow, Google or other search engines will follow the link to the destination. For example, your link is posted on the Greek blog as a follower. When a search engine on our blog hits your link, it follows it to its destination, your site, and is therefore useful to your site.

This type of link is mostly used when you have written an article and you want to specify its source through the link. In this case, the search engine also gives a part of your content points to the source site.

You can define the follow link as follows:

<a href=”” rel=”follow”> follow link </a>


This is the opposite of Nofollow; If the link value is not Nofollow rel, it is Dofollow or Follow and you do not need to put the Dofollow and Follow values ​​in rel.

In other words: the links are followed by default.

In some sites where the default links are Nofollow, we have to change the link to Dofollow or Follow to rel to follow!

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What influences link quality?

Anchor text: Anchor text is the word, text, or phrase that links to another page. How does it affect now? When you link to a page with a phrase related to it, it looks like you have sent a signal to Google that this anchor text is related to that page and Google can increase the rank of that word page based on other factors.

Domain Authority: This factor was created by Moz. Domain age, number of inbound and outbound links, quality of links, site activity on social networks, etc. are effective in increasing or decreasing this factor. This score can be effective in determining the quality of backlinks.

Page Authority: The validity of the page is the same as the Domain authority provided by Moz, which determines the quality of the inbound links and the overall validity of the same page.

Note that the authority page and the second authority are sensitive to www, and the results will be different with www and without www. Of course, this also applies to sites that receive an SSL certificate! Page authority and the second authority of the site may be different in HTTP mode with HTTPS.

Get links from sites in your country: If you have a site in Persian, it is better than the links you get are from sites that have a .ir domain. Because they increase your chances of getting a higher ranking in Iranian search results. But they may not increase your ranking in international search results.

The number of in-page links: Whether or not Google determines whether the outbound links from a site are normal is determined by many factors. But in general, the number of outbound links from the page you are linking to should not be too large and should be maintained in relation to the content.

PageRank of that page: Of course, there is no doubt that page rank does not matter anymore, but it is still a relatively valid signal in increasing the impact of links. Note that page rank does not directly affect your ranking, but can indirectly affect it.

Relations: One of the things that many users get wrong with is discussing relationships between links. Links have a feature called Rel that we can use to tell search engines to take something from our Link Juice and PR juice for that page. Now it is possible that the search engines will increase the ranking of that page because of the link you have given to it but have not taken anything from that page rank for that page. Normally we do not need to mention “dofollow” in the link “rel =”. Usually, the links themselves are Dofollow by default. But if we want to nofollow them, we have to do as mentioned above.

Banana Rank of that page: Another effective factor in backlinks is the ranking of that domain in the banana site (MozRank). The banana rank of any range can be a number between 1 and 10, the more, the more effective.

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Common Mistakes About Backlinks

Backlinks are the same as text ads!

Unfortunately, what we see a lot these days are people who think that backlinks are in the same text ads that are mostly embedded in Iranian sites, and anyone who mentions backlinks means that we waste a lot of money every month to link to our site. Put in your text ads! This is not entirely true! Text ads are also a way to buy backlinks, but in many cases, they are rejected by Google and cause your site to drop and penalize.

Backlinks are bad and you should not get backlinks!

Another sentence that is sometimes heard is to confuse the main concept of backlink. Backlinks themselves are an important part of SEO. The part that others recommend and Google influences those suggestions in your search results to get your site ranked well. Now how can we say that backlinks are bad? I agree that abnormal backlinks are bad, but not all backlinks are bad!

The more, the better!

The time to think about quantity is over and we need to consider more quality links. The higher the quality of a link you receive, the higher its impact on your site ranking. You may get a ranking by getting a few good links that other sites with thousands of backlinks can not get!

The connection between the pages does not matter!

Receiving links from unrelated pages can cause your site keyword to be removed from search results. On the other hand, by receiving only a few relevant links, we can quickly increase the ranking of a site.


Learning to make backlinks

Now you know what backlinks are and you may be wondering how to build the best backlinks?

To build backlinks for your desired website, you can use the following tutorial to increase your site’s ranking in search engines. This article focuses on learning how to build natural backlinks.

With just a few clicks and for free, submit backlinks for your blog or site in the top 2000 sites in the world and create more than 3000 free backlinks on reputable sites. Which increases the page rank, Alexa rank, and Google Input of your site or blog. To create backlinks, enter the following link:

2- Forums

Another place where you can create backlinks to your site in forums. In this case, you can put the link of your site or blog in your signature and take full advantage of the activity in the forums related to the topic of your site.

3- Directories

Link exchange directories are also good places to create backlinks, although these directories provide mostly less valuable links.

4- Social networks

The most popular sites in the world today should not be overlooked. You can work on social networks and create links to your site. Try to focus on the method of large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and و, and do not go too far to mobile social networks such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and…

5- social bookmarking

These sites, which are the same as social sharing sites, are also things that you should not neglect to put your link in them.

6- Writing for others

This method is one of the smartest ways to build one-way backlinks to your site, which is also highly valued by search engines, especially Google. Contact the site administrator related to the topic of your site and ask them to allow you to write an article on their site and link to your site. This is a win-win deal.

7- Using article marketing

This method, which can not be counted on much in Iran, is another useful method for creating backlinks. Write an article and submit it to one of the directory directories. In the special section about the author, you will be able to create a link to your site.

9- Launch your personal blog

Blogs are highly valued by Google due to their productive nature, so the links in them are also very valuable. By creating a blog and linking your site to it, you can create great backlinks for yourself.

10- Getting backlinks through commenting

One of the effective ways to get backlinks is to comment on sites and blogs that have the possibility of inserting the author’s link (this method is also called backlink building). You can use this method for free and Submit a large number of backlinks to yourself.


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